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Letter from George W Arbogast to Mary E Arbogast, 15 Sep 1863

Dear cousin
I take my pen in hand this
after noon to let you know that
I am well at present and hope
these few lines may find you
enjoying the same blessing of health.
I landed hear last night about dark every thing is quiet hear now.
there was some talk of the rebles coming in hear but I think they
have give out thenotion as it
would not bee healthy for
rebles hear.
I do not think that there will
be any scout going in to Poca for
some time as we are not prepared
for to go and I am glad of it for
I do not like these big scouts.
the rebles are so careless with
a gun that they might shoot
some body
[end of first page]
I heard from Charles he is getting
along fine he sent in word with
Captain Ewing to me that he was
as well as he ever was that he was
able to do any kind of work.
Captain Ewing, sargent Riply and Brown of our company landed hear
yesterday evening The captain is
mending fine and all the rest of
the boys except one are on the
mend I do not known when
Charles will get back but I
suppose that he will have to
go around by Richmond before
he can get exchanged.
well cousin Lisa the next time
I come over I want you to stay
at home one night any how
or if you don’t there will bee
a fus for I think a greatedeal
of my cousins and therefore when
I get to see them I would like if
[end of page two]
they could stay at home however
I don’t blame you
I will have to close as supper well
soon be ready so nothing more at
present but remain your affectionate
cousin untill death
G Arbogast
Lisa Arbogast
I want you to write to me as soon
as you get this and give me all
the news
Star of columbia fair as the morn
Unsullied by crime and in liberty
The giant of nations of freedom and
The mirror of nature the bold honest
The arts fly for favor to our happy
tiring hand
From europes famed cities to thy fos
to grace
Hear find they a favor to and find
smiles on thy face
And are met like a parent with
free to roam
Hear genius has vent hear the mind
[end of page 3]
turnd to a home
And the soil to the stranger is
No longer depressed by fashions dull
He lives and feels like a giant again
I will send
[end of letter]

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